Whole Food Supplement

Supplements for Your Dog's Well Being



Although you may be happy with the food that your dog is eating, you also want him to get ALL of the nutrition he needs. And that’s not always possible. Including a supplement will give you the comfort of knowing that your pooch’s diet is complete, with all the necessary vitamins and minerals they need to have a healthy, happy life. The Healthy Barker‘s Whole Food Supplement can give you that! Our carefully formulated recipe is packed full of certified organic, concentrated whole foods, so they work in your dog’s system synergistically, like “REAL FOOD“, to offer a combined effect for maximum digestion and absorption.

263g Container

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The Healthy Barker's Whole Food Supplement

Our carefully prepared recipe is packed-full of natural, whole food supplements and certified organic ingredients – absolutely no synthetics included. Your dog’s body will recognize the ingredients in our Whole Food Supplement as “Real Food”, which work synergistically for maximum absorption and use. We’ve worked with renowned Pet Nutritionist Dr. Susan Lauten, to develop a healthy formula that contains all of the necessary daily vitamins and minerals.



Flax seed meal, Dried chia seeds, Lecithin granules, Nutritional yeast, Alfalfa powder, Pumpkin powder, Brewers yeast, Dried spinach, Fine carrots, Green papaya powder, Egg shells, Dried sunflower seeds, Dried dandelion root, Cranberry powder, Cauliflower powder, Butternut squash powder, Chicory, Broccoli beads, Powdered beef liver, Apple cider vinegar, Kelp
Human Grade Supplements Added:
Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin D, 400 IU, Manganese 10 mg, Vitamin K 2 5 mg, Vitamin E, Choline, Iron 65mg, Chelated copper 5mg


Feeding / Usage

Suggested Serving: Sprinkle or mix into Dog Food with every meal, for a healthy nutrient boost:
• Up to 10 kg (22 lbs) - 1/2 tsp daily
• 11 - 25 kg (23 - 55 lbs) - 3/4 tsp daily
• 26 - 50 kg (56 - 110 lbs) - 1 tsp daily
• Over 50 kg (110 lbs) - 1 1/2 tsp daily