Rescue Rope with Dental Ball

Every Dog should have its Play!



This is BoxerTUFF’s original Rescue Rope tug toy, made with all natural hemp rope has the added fun of their famous dental ball. Dental balls are made of natural rubber and incorporate flexible nubs to clean your dogs teeth and gums while they play. These nubs can also be used to hold small treats for hours of fun. (Sorry, no colour choice.)

Note: This item is available for in-store purchase. For subscribers to our Dog Food delivery service, we can include your purchase with your pooch’s scheduled delivery.

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BoxerTUFF Pet Products

BoxerTUFF believes that dogs are part of the family, and firmly believe that they deserve healthy, natural and non-toxic toys and products. Think about how dogs play, EVERYTHING goes into their mouth, literally everything. Now think about where their toys are coming from, and what they are made out of. The toys you buy at the dollar stores and most big box stores are produced and sold with one goal in mind – PROFIT! Think about that for a second…how much quality material can there be in a toy that retails for $5 or $10? We’re poisoning our dogs with these cheap, unregulated and dangerous toys. BoxerTUFF offers a better alternative.

BoxerTUFF Pet Products manufactures and distributes premium, hand made pet products. They believe that your pet deserves healthy, natural, non-toxic products. It’s their mission to provide great quality products at a reasonable price, while helping as many pets as we can in the process. They donate a portion of each sale to various shelters and rescues.



Natural Hemp Rope, Natural Rubber


Feeding / Usage

This product is a play toy only and not a food product. Pets should always be supervised when playing with toys or chews. Remove if your dog tries to swallow pieces or chunks. No toy is indestructible.