Ear Drops

Health for on the Outside too!



OregaPet Ear Drops can be used on all pets to protect against and fight off ear mites, lice, chiggers, fungal and yeast infections and more. Use OregaPet Ear Drops before and after swimming, bathing, hiking and contact with high risk animals at large, or at a kennel. OregaPet Ear Drops are 100% natural and made with Mediterranean Oregano Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

30ml / 1oz.

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OregaPet®, is the first and only brand available in the global marketplace offering the power of oil of oregano in products designed specifically for pets. Oil of oregano’s efficacy is widely known – most commonly as a preventative treatment when the first signs of a cold appear. The herbal oil is known to be an anti-viral and also a powerful anti-microbial that can help fight off infections. OregaPet has brought the healing properties of this unique natural ingredient to an extensive product line including dental treats, toothpaste, dental spray, ear treatment, first aid gel, bed and body spray and shampoo.



Mediterranean Oregano Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Feeding / Usage

Tilt dog's head to the side and allow drops to fall into ear canal. Apply extra drops to a cotton ball, clean inside ear lobe. 10 drops per ear daily for a minimum for 10 days. In case of fluid discharge do not use, consult your Vet. Do not insert dropper into ear canal. Not recommended for cats and other animals.