Dry Shampoo

Health for on the Outside too!



This lavender scented, 100% natural dog deodorizer can be used frequently without drying out your dog’s coat. It’s an excellent quick alternative to bathing that can also be used to deodorize dog bedding and potty accidents.

200/ 6 oz Bottle

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Legendary Canine

Dogs are sensitive animals. People shouldn’t have to worry if products they use on their dog are safe. Legendary Canine believes dog care products like shampoos, sprays and balms should be 100% natural, lick safe and made with human grade ingredients. Their products work on all dogs, but are known to help dogs with itch, sensitive skin and allergy symptoms.

Their promise:

  1. To only use 100% natural, human grade ingredients that are lick safe to make our products.
  2. To never use untrustworthy marketing tactics to trick you into buying our products.
  3. To never use harsh chemicals, fragrances or GMO ingredients to make our products.

Your dog is safe with Legendary Canine!



Bicarbonate Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Peppermint Essential Oil, lavender


Feeding / Usage

Dispense a small amount of powder directly onto the dog's coat starting from the back of the ears to the tail. Gently rub with fingers or brush lightly to distribute. Sprinkle on dog's bedding to deodorize smells.