Colloidal Silver

Supplements for Your Dog's Well Being



Colloidal silver serves as a natural antibiotic for dogs, as well as other pets. It helps fight a wide variety of infections such as yeast infections, sore throats, and eye infections. It also has antifungal, antiseptic and disinfectant propertiesl. Additionally, it makes the food smell better for the dog, allowing for more options if your furry friend is a picky eater.

The silver ions present in the solution easily penetrate molecules and destroy pathogens of all kinds such as parasites, viruses, fungi,and bacteria. Moreover, it works quickly. When you treat your dog with colloidal silver, he’s bound to return to his best self within a matter of days. Silver – 20ppm.


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Earth MD

Earth M.D. was founded on a desire to provide pet owners with safe and effective alternative remedies with no harmful side effects. We do this by using colloidal metals and plants. Bobby Marr has worked in both the retail and manufacturing sides of the pet food industry and has learned more about pet products than most people have access to. Bobby is originally from Stevensville and grew up breeding and boarding dogs at Second Home Pet Boarding. He has helped to care for thousands of dogs in his lifetime and has learned much about breeds, health and general care. Bobby also managed production for True Raw Choice learning much about how products are made, inside information about brands and met various representatives of companies.

Julia Ries has a degree in Biology from Guelph University which she originally planned on using to become a veterinarian. Those plans changed however upon learning that she would have to compromise her morals to do so. She decided to look for alternative ways to help animals and landed on nutrition and natural medicines. Julia is currently taking online courses to become a certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist in order to better help her customers.



Purified Water, Silver


Feeding / Usage

Instruction for use: Shake well before use. Apply topically.
Under 25lbs: 1 tsp/day
25-70lbs: 2 tsp/day
Over 70lbs: 2.5 tsp/day