Chlorophyll [E]

Health for on the Outside too!



Land Art’s Chlorophyll for pets is just as beneficial for your four legged friends as it is for you! A powerful antioxidant, chlorophyll is mainly used to decrease bad breath and the body odours of our pets.


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Land Art Natural Liquid Supplements

All natural liquid supplements from Land Art’s family owned business are produced and distributed across Canada, since 1992. A leader in the field of natural liquid supplements, their scientific team, including biochemists, nutritionists and naturopaths, designs and makes their very own natural products, including a range of gluten-free and vegan products in their Ecocert NOP organic certified plant. They have a site licence from Health Canada, ensuring that they make natural products of the highest quality.



Medicinal Ingredients: Chlorophyll, 60 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Water from Reverse Osmosis, Sodium Chloride


Feeding / Usage

Add a few drops to your pet’s food each day, or directly into their water bowl. Dogs generally don’t mind drinking their chlorophyll. If your animal is a bit fussy or regularly spills their water, you can add the chlorophyll to their food, or directly in their mouth using a dropper.