Meet the team behind The Healthy Barker


Martina is a certified canine nutritionist, and specializes in canine formulation. She holds certifications in Canine Diet Formulation, and Advanced Canine Nutrition from CASI (Companion Animal Science Institute), and has mentored with Dr Susan Lauten in advanced canine health and nutrition.

Martina is passionate about canine health and nutrition. She recognizes each dog is an individual and not all diets fits one dog. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in understanding the formulations and nutrient requirements that a dog requires. When creating recipes for The Healthy Barker she likes to give pet owners options in canine meals, and therefore, provides a variety of nutritious balanced meals. Her approach when formulating custom diets for dogs with specific health conditions, Martina looks at the root cause and at each individual ingredient to formulate a diet that is specific to the dog, and to their condition.

Dr. Lauten is a renowned pet nutritionist and author of the book Back to Basics: Whole Food for Healthy Dogs. She received her Master’s in Animal Nutrition followed by her PhD in Biomedical Sciences. While at the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, she started offering clinical nutritional services and eventually left to pursue this area of service on her own. In 2015, Dr. Lauten was approached by Martina to review and refine The Healthy Barker’s meals to make sure that they were balanced and complete.