We Take Dog Nutrition Very Seriously

The Healthy Barker shares your passion to provide your dog with the healthiest diet. We don’t think of it as dog food, because it’s good enough for you to eat. Made from 100% human-grade, safe ingredients and scientifically formulated by our own pet nutritionists, our meals are everything that we say they are.

That means that our meals are safe for your dog and that you can trust them to be the best for your canine family. Complete and balanced nutrition and precise preparation of our recipes ensures the bioavailability of our carefully selected ingredients.

Commercial Dog Food Claims

There’s a very real epidemic of preventable ailments in our dogs today.

Research indicates that the root problem can be directly linked to commercial kibble and canned foods that many dogs are expected to thrive and be healthy on. With questionable practices and sub-grade ingredients, coupled with over-processing, many dogs aren’t getting the nutrition you think they are. As well, there are many additives and chemicals that are just plain not good for any animals – period. It’s making them sick!

So, what’s a dog owner to do?

Your dog counts on you for all his needs. It’s fair to say that topping that list is his food (at least, according to your dog). You can count on The Healthy Barker to make his diet a nutritious and delicious one. You’ll notice the difference: fewer trips to the vet, higher energy levels and a glossier coat (to name just a few). Not to mention a happier, healthier pooch.

The Healthy Barker is committed to providing the best food we can for your dog.
Nutritionally Balanced. Based in Science. Made with Love.