Weight Loss Consultation


Obesity is one of the main culprits that affect the overall health of dogs. An unhealthy weight can lead to inflammation, joint issues, gastrointestinal disease, pancreatitis, and more disease that we don’t want our furry friends to have to go through.

To help combat an unhealthy weight, we offer a Weight Loss Consultation. This consultation is for all breeds of dogs who are in various stages of their lives. Unhealthy weight is something that has to be addressed promptly to help safeguard against problems down the road.

Your Canine Nutritionist

Interested in learning more about canine nutritional consultation? Visit Your Canine Nutritionist to get detailed consulting advice about how we can help your canine friends live a healthier life.

What’s Included in a Weight Loss Consultation?

Our Weight Loss Consultation is an excellent way to deal with obesity safely and holistically.
This service includes:

  •  Looking over all the health-related information you have provided us with
  •  A complete dietary breakdown
  •  Determining a healthy weight for your dog based on several factors, such as age, breed, and lifestyle
  •  Designing one formulated recipe made specifically with your dog’s dietary requirements in mind
  •  A list of meal ideas that you can plan and make ahead of time
  •  A write-up of general nutritional guidelines to follow and instructions regarding meal planning and the proper use of supplements, vitamins, and minerals
  •  One month of weekly follow-up emails to see how their diet plan is going
  •  The advice and support of an experienced nutritionist

Contact us today, and give your dog the happy and healthy life they deserve with a Weight Loss