Puppy Consultation


Puppies are such tremendous little balls of joy. They offer so much happiness and don’t ask for anything in return, but you can offer them a well-balanced diet and a chance to grow big and strong. To help them do so, try our Puppy Consultation.

This service is all about creating a diet and lifestyle plan for your new best friend so that they can thrive in their early years. This positive way of life will then follow them into adulthood, leading to a long and happy life.

Your Canine Nutritionist

Interested in learning more about canine nutritional consultation? Visit Your Canine Nutritionist to get detailed consulting advice about how we can help your canine friends live a healthier life.

What’s Included in a Puppy Consultation?

Our Puppy Consultation is perfect for all breeds of dogs and is an in-depth look at ways to ensure your
puppy puts its best paws forward. This service includes:

  •  A detailed look at your puppy’s overall health
  •  One specifically formulated recipe to meet your puppy’s growing needs
  •  A list of nutrients that your puppy needs to grow big and strong
  •  Meal ideas that you can plan and make ahead to save you time
  •  Relevant information regarding what minerals, supplements or vitamins your puppy may need
  •  A complete dietary breakdown of what you should and shouldn’t be feeding your puppy
  •  One month of follow-up emails to see what is and isn’t working with the dietary plan
  •  The advice of an experienced dog nutritionist

Contact us today to find out more about this incredibly beneficial service and give your puppy the best chance at living a long and joyful life.