Healthy Canine Consultation


If you’re wondering how to safeguard against potential illnesses or diseases that your healthy dog could face sometime in the future, you may want to consider our Healthy Canine Consultation.

A Healthy Canine Consultation is a great way to look at your dog’s diet and lifestyle to see what should or shouldn’t be changed in order to enhance their lives. Even healthy dogs face challenges as they get older. That’s why it’s essential to take a meaningful look at what goes into their bodies and the activities they partake in. By doing so, you can extend and improve the life of your furry companion.

Your Canine Nutritionist

Interested in learning more about canine nutritional consultation? Visit Your Canine Nutritionist to get detailed consulting advice about how we can help your canine friends live a healthier life.

What’s Included in a Healthy Canine Consultation?

This consultation involves numerous steps to help ensure your dog is getting the most out of life
through a uniquely designed diet and lifestyle plan that is individual to your dog. With this consultation,
you will receive:

  •  One recipe explicitly designed for your dog
  •  A list of items for meals that you can make at home
  •  A write-up of what vitamins, minerals and supplements to give to your dog
  •  A complete dietary breakdown of what your dog should and shouldn’t be eating
  •  General nutritional guidelines to follow
  •  One month of follow-up emails
  •  The professional advice of an experienced dog nutritionist

Contact us today to learn more about this highly beneficial service.