Health Concerns Consultation


Seeing our dog experiencing pain or illness is one of the saddest things we can go through as dog owners. Although health issues are something we all have to deal with, watching our dogs feel pain or not doing the things they enjoy can be heartbreaking. This is why The Healthy Barker is so happy to be able to offer Health Concerns Consultations.

A Health Concerns Consultation is an excellent option for dogs experiencing such health issues as obesity, organ problems, gastrointestinal complications, skin/coat health, joint support, etc. These consultations are also beneficial to dogs who are going through life stage changes.

Your Canine Nutritionist

Interested in learning more about canine nutritional consultation? Visit Your Canine Nutritionist to get detailed consulting advice about how we can help your canine friends live a healthier life.

What’s Included in a Health Concerns Consultation?

This service involves looking at your dog’s overall lifestyle, diet, and the root cause of the underlying
health issue to see where changes can be made to help combat any health issues that they may be
facing. A few examples of things included in this consultation are:

  • Taking an in-depth look at your dog’s overall health
  • Forming a plan of action
  • One formulated recipe specifically designed for your dog
  • A dietary breakdown of what your dog should and shouldn’t be eating
  • A list of vitamins, minerals and supplements that assist your dog’s overall well-being
  • General nutritional guidelines to follow
  • Instructions regarding meal planning
  • One month of follow-up emails to see how the lifestyle plan is working
  • The advice of an experienced nutritionist

Contact us today to book your Health Concerns Consultation and help your dog get back to feeling healthy and happy.