We Use Only Human-Grade Ingredients

The Healthy Barker shares your passion to feed your dog the healthiest diet. We follow the guidelines that are set out by the National Research Council . Lovingly prepared in small batches, our food comes in many yummy flavours, either gently cooked or raw, to keep their tails wagging. Our healthy selection of ingredients includes human-grade, all-natural ingredients with no meat by-products, preservatives or additives! The Healthy Barker meals will keep your dog happy, healthy and full of life.

Our ingredients include all of the essential nutrients that your dog needsThe Healthy Barker recipes are full of nutrient rich, deliciously appealing foods that will keep your pooch begging for more!

Protein Meat Ingredients Protein Sources:

Protein is always the number one ingredient in all of our recipes. Protein contains dietary sources of essential amino acids, with the highest concentrations generally found in animal protein. Meat and animal-sourced proteins, like eggs, have full amino acid profiles in favourable ratios. This means that they contain all essential amino acids in proper concentrations to provide the full spectrum of essential amino acids. It’s important to feed a high quality protein source to your dog. The Healthy Barker has recipes that use the following types of meat, in gently cooked and raw meals:

CHICKEN: An easily digestible source of low-fat protein, with Omega 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health essential amino acids and glucosamine, to promote bone health.
BEEF: A readily digestible, high source of protein with great fat content. It’s rich in iron and B vitamins, which are all very healthy, especially for active dogs.
TURKEY: Another easily digestible source of low-fat protein, it’s a good substitute for dogs with sensitivities to chicken.
LAMB: A protein source that’s great for dogs that might be sensitive to other particular protein sources. Especially tasty for finicky eaters.
SALMON: An excellent source of Omega 3’s and protein, it’s rich in other vitamins and minerals and can help with many common skin conditions.
FISH: A very good source of protein that’s low in fat, and high in vitamins and minerals.
RABBIT: One of the most suitable all round meat sources for dogs and a “cooling food”, it can help reduce the inflammation caused by allergies.
VENISON: Very high in protein and low in fat, it’s an excellent choice as a unique protein source when managing food allergies.
DUCK: Another “cooling food”, it’s a lean, easy-to-digest protein foods that can help in managing food sensitivities and allergies.
KANGAROO: A novel protein, it’s good choice for dogs with digestive problems, because it’s low fat content is easily digestible.

Ingredients - Offal


(Chicken Hearts and Chicken Gizzards or Beef Liver, depending on recipe). A hearty source of nutrients like vitamins B, E, D and K2, amino acids, iron, and trace minerals, they’re a nutritional powerhouse for your pooch.

Ingredient - Quinoa


This gluten-free seed is a super food that processes amino acids and carbohydrates. High in protein, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it helps relax muscles and blood vessels and helps blood pressure.

Ingredient - Organic Buckwheat


This seed packs a nutritional punch. It’s high in protein, lysine, amino acids and an excellent source of resistant starch and soluble fiber. Among its benefits, it may alleviate constipation, hypertension, and obesity.

Ingredient - Sweet Potato


This sweetie helps protect and promote strong bones and provides proper muscle and nerve function. It ensures strong kidney health and helps to protect from toxins that may be linked to cancer.

Ingredient - Carrots


A great source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin A, which is crucial to bone growth, reproduction, cellular differentiation and good immune response. It improves vision and promotes healthier skin.

Ingredient - Green Beans


This nutrition packed veggie helps improve bone health, heart health, blood pressure and kidney function. It facilitates better digestion, supports eye health and may fight allergies and inflammation.

Ingredient - Spinach


This leafy green adds roughage as well as needed antioxidants and iron to your dog’s diet. It contains high levels of the vitamin K, which helps maintain good bone health and growth.

Ingredient - Cranberries


Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, they help support the immune system and decrease inflammation to play major role in your dog’s health. They can improve cognitive function and alleviate allergies and skin problems.

Ingredient - Kefir


Packed with probiotics for a healthy gut, it contains beneficial yeasts that help counteract bad yeasts in the body. It can help fight ear and skin infections, allergies, promote healthy skin and regulate the kidneys and liver.

Ingredient - Chicory Root


This root is a full force prebiotic and probiotic promotes the regeneration of healthy bacteria in the gut. Loaded with helpful simple sugars, its direct impact on intestinal microorganisms is second to none.

Ingredient - Safflower Oil


The omega 3 fatty acids in this oil help to maintain a healthy skin and coat. It builds membranes in the head, can help reduce arthritis and help the body keep a healthy balance of cholesterol.

Ingredient - Organic Kelp Powder


One of the richest natural sources of amino acids, kelp is 25% protein and 2% fat. Full of vitamins and minerals, it also contains iodine, which is essential for healthy thyroid function, and iron to support circulation.

Ingredient - Salmon Oil


The omega 3’s in this oil is critical for optimal brain health. It increases protein synthesis, reduces cellular inflammation and is beneficial for conditions such as diabetitis, arthritis and kidney disease.

Ingredietn - Cod Liver Oil


The vitamins in this oil are essential for growth, healthy bones, proper development of the brain and nervous systems, normal sexual development, and a strong immune system. And dogs love the taste.

Ingredient - Powdered Egg Shells


The finely ground shells of eggs provide an excellent source of calcium and protein. It helps build and maintain strong bones and is needed for muscles and nerves to function properly.

Ingredient - Ground Beef Bones


A good source of calcium and phosphorous, the benefits are similar to those found in fiber.  It helps build and maintain strong bones and is needed for muscles and nerves to function properly.

Ingredient - Aplle Cider Vinegar


This vinegar has enzymes, amino acids, aldehydes, , propionic acid, apple pectin and more. It’s antiseptic, anti-fungal and may help improve metabolism, cholesterol, circulation and regulate blood sugar.

Ingredient - Rosemary


This antioxidant, antimicrobial herb is useful for stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation and improving digestion. It increases the blood flow to the head and brain, improving concentration.

Ingredient - Parsley


As well as being good for breath, the high content of chlorophyll in parsley make it excellent for improving the health of blood cells. It also acts as a diuretic to help for flush waste out of the body.


Other vitamins and minerals are included in our recipes to ensure that our doggie meals are complete and balanced. These can include:

Dicalcium Phosphate, Choline, Iron, Copper, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol