Custom Vet Diets

Like people, our loving canine companions sometimes develop conditions that require a very customized diet that your vet recommends. It could be allergies, skin conditions, weight, a serious illness, cancer, or any number of things.

Although many of our meals are formulated to target specific conditions, food isn’t a one size fits all. When your dog needs to have a regulated diet, The Healthy Barker can work with you and your veterinarian to develop a meal plan to address his specific requirements, whether it’s a short term solution or a long term course of treatment.

If you have a dog that you think would benefit from a custom diet, please contact us. Tell us a bit about your dog and his/her condition/s. Please be as detailed as possible and include your telephone number, so we can follow up with you. The initial contact is completely free. If it’s determined that a customized diet would be beneficial and you would like to have The Healthy Barker develop your dog’s specialized food, there will be a $125.00 consultation fee.

Veterinarian with dog and The Healthy Barker on cell phone

All of our nutrition services are available anywhere,
including Canada, the US, the UK and beyond.

This Veterinarian says…

I am so excited to have found Martina and The Healthy Barker. As a small animal veterinarian in the Waterloo region, I was keen to find someone who would work with a veterinary nutritionist to make sure home made meals were nutritionally complete. Who has time to do that at home? With Inflammatory bowel disease and allergies increasing in frequency, it can be challenging to find commercial diets that meet all a pet’s needs. I have been feeding our puppy Maggie the Healthy Barker puppy food and she loves it. Even more important is how good you feel as a pet owner when your feeding a nutritious, balanced, gently cooked and whole food diet. Thank you so much Martina, you have been amazing to work with. Sincerely, Barb Eddy, DVM