Doing Our Part to Clean Up and Give Back

At The Healthy Barker, we care deeply about our dogs and our environment. That’s why we use recyclable waterproof biodegradable containers for our doggie dinners. When you’re done, please put them in your recycling bin.

The Healthy Barker Food and Treat Packaging

Our treats are packaged in resealable kraft bags for easy storage. When possible, we package our supplements in glass containers. This all helps to reduce the amount of waste that finds its way to our landfills.


Supporting Our Dog Community


We’re pleased to provide a contribution box for our local SPCA. Customers can bring in their “gently used” dog items – toys, leashes, dishes, collars, clothes, etc. to donate in our “Drop Box”. We can also collect items from you when we deliver your food order.


The Healthy Barker is pleased to sponsor and participate in fundraising events in our community, to help less fortunate pets and provide support to worthy organizations, like the SPCA.