Canine Nutrition Consultation

Get a consultation today and learn how to improve your dog’s health.

 Get guidance on how to prepare raw or cooked meals for you pet.

 Receive help to formulate a balanced diet with appropriate nutrients. 

Learn about meals made specifically for your dog’s dietary needs.

Individual custom meal plans for healthy and unhealthy dogs.

Martina Schumann, Owner of The Healthy Barker

We Can Help With

Pets With Special Needs

  • Diabetes
  • Weight Management
  • Allergies
  • Kidney Disease

Senior Dogs

  • Joint & Teeth Care
  • Digestive Issues

Puppy Needs

  • Probiotics For Gut Health
  • Mild Food Options

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Bring your fur baby to our store or contact us for your doggie nutritional consultation with our experienced pet nutritionist.

Specialty food formulation options are available for pets with weight management issues, diabetes, joint ailments, and more. Your Canine Nutritionist offers a one on one consultation with an in depth nutritional analysis of your dogs health history creating a customized meal plan and formulized diet for your beloved pet.

Your Doggie will love you for it !!!

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