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Healthy Dog Food And The Healthy Barker Advantage

Did you know that with one small change you could possibly add 5 years to your dog's life? That's five more years of long leisurely walks, face lapping doggie kisses, faithful companionship, unconditional love and more. Knowing you have the ability to increase your dog's longevity and quality of life is worth considering the change!


In spite what you may have learned about pet food, many commercial dog foods have some questionable ingredients. We'll discuss this in more detail in future blogs, so watch for it.


It could be said that commercial dog foods, especially the economy brands, is like feeding your dog junk food. Many dog ailments, like allergies, dry skin, gastrointestinal issues and cancer, can be linked to poor diet and nutrition.


Your dog is completely dependent on you to make healthy, nutritious food choices for them. So what is the healthiest choice for your dog?


Like you and me, a dog needs fresh, whole real foods that are balanced, with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Although some dogs do well on a raw diet, many domestic dogs find it hard to digest raw meat and knowing the meat source can be challenging at best. There has also been much controversy over the risks of salmonella or e-coli poisoning from uncooked meat. Similarly, raw food and cooking your own dog food at home may not provide a balanced and complete diet with the necessary vitamins and minerals a dog needs.


The healthy barker believes that there are many advantages to feeding your dog lightly cooked meals that are made with whole, real foods and balanced with whole food supplements. The benefits to feeding your dog The Healthy Barker are:

  • 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition: Our recipes are the perfect balance of the daily nutrition requirements that a dog needs, such as anti-biotic and hormone free quality meats, healthy carbohydrates and fats and whole food vitamins and supplements.
  • Better Digestion and Absorption: All of our dog foods are slow cooked, which makes it easier for your dog to digest and absorb all the essential nutrients. Our whole food supplements are concentrated organic whole foods that your dog can also easily digest.
  • Fewer Health Issues: Although no one can absolutely say that your dog will never get sick, it is a fact that fresh whole foods are healthier and more nutritious. They're also associated with a reduced risk of obesity and many other chronic health problems,  like food allergies and dermatitis issues. So, it goes to follow that the healthier your dog is, the fewer vet bills you'll have.

What you feed your dog can have a major impact on its health and longevity. The Healthy Barker believes that diet and nutrition are an integral part of your dog’s holistic care. A healthy dog can live years longer, which means more quality time with your loving companion.  Now isn’t that worth it?


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Martina Schumann
September 15, 2017
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