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The Healthy Barker creates complete and balanced nutritious dog food that pooches go goofy for. Our recipes use real, human grade, whole foods, always lovingly prepared using fresh, natural, locally sourced ingredients. Doggies and their owners agree that it's just dog-gone good, as well as being good for them. Here are their testimonials:

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Having recently moved to the Waterloo area, I found The Healthy Barker online after searching for a healthier food alternative for my aging Golden Retriever (than dry kibble). Martina, the owner/operator, was quick to respond to my inquiry and offered to drop off some samples of her fresh food product for Willow to try. Willow loved the food. Needless to say, Willow now eats only The Healthy Barker, with much enthusiasm at her meals times - no more finicky eater. I would highly recommend The Healthy Barker for the quality of the products as well as the knowledge and enthusiasm of the owner! Debra


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My Wife and I have a 2 year old Basset Hound and a 4.5 year old Mixed Breed and we switched them to The Healthy Barker products about 6 months ago. We were concerned about many ingredients we didn’t recognize, preservatives and high fat content of the gravies the food is swimming in.


The dogs inhaled the food, we could recognize what was in the food and the difference in their behavior was apparent, with more energy, solid poops and less gas. It is particularly important with the Basset Hound to not gain weight, as they have difficulty losing it as they age. Homemade quality food is the key to a long a happy healthy life. We are really happy with The Healthy Barker’s food and intend to continue to feed our puppies…..now how about the kitties? Pete and Chris Carter


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Emma and I met Martina at the Pound Dog Rescue Howler in October of last year. Emma tried a sample of her Chicken Delight, which she really enjoyed. I switched my dogs over to The Healthy Barker, which was a healthier choice for my babies. I love that she delivers right to the door within a week of ordering. I would highly recommend The Healthy Barker to any of my friends, family and clients.  Laura, Emma, Charles and Dwight Green


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Martina Delivering The Healthy Barker to Shasta and Lily



I have two very picky puppies and it has been a challenge getting them to eat. I have tried so many things, and knew they weren't getting the balanced nutrition they needed. Martina has been working with us to create a variety of meals they will eat and that are nutritionally balanced. I am happy to report that my girls are both eating regularly, and with gusto! The girls are so excited (see it in the pic here!) when she comes to bring them food, they can’t wait to dive in. I am thrilled with the results I have seen with The Healthy Barker and am so grateful to Martina for everything she has done to help us out. Thank you! Kristen, Shasta and Lily





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This month, Kitchener had it's first Pet Expo where there were many ventors selling products and their business. One of the ventors, The Healthy Barker, was a business that makes dog food for your dog. All is natural, for they work with a pet nutritionist for what your dog would need in their diet. It smells so good that you would think that it is your food that they are eating. Comparing the price of canned and kibbles is the same as the home made food. My little pomeranion would have an upset stomach every day, was lethargic, sleeping constantly and would not play. Since I have changed her food to The Healthy Barker she has energy to play, she sleeps less and wants to go for walks constantly. Because my pomeranian is so small she has a problem digesting her food, but with The Healthy Barker food, I put it down and it is as if she inhaled it, it is gone. I would recomment this business for the home made dog food. A Happy Owner


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